Our Services includes:

Supplying our customers with parts, consumables, and accessories of reputable brands listed in our product section. We supply to the following industries: 

a. Welding Industry

b. Power Plants, Refineries, Oil & Gas Industry


Over and above that we provide:

Option I - Source, consolidate & ship: 

  • We will source the product for you based on your inquiry

  • Offer you the BEST price possible

  • Once you accept our offer and confirm the order, we will order it

  • We send you a Proforma Invoice after which you transfer the funds via an agreed method of paymeny

  • Once we receive the goods, we shall consolidate and re-pack as necessary.

  • We will ship the goods as you prefer, i.e. Air or Sea cargo with all the necessary shipping documentation. You can use your own forwarder or we can use ours. 

Option II - Dealing with your vendors on your behalf + consolidating & shipping:

  • You will advise us on items, quantities and price that you have finalized with your vendors.
  • Accordingly you would transfer the funds (full amount for ALL orders to our account).
  • We will Pay each vendor from here and coordinate with them for delivery, etc. If you want the product to be inspected prior to shipment we can arrange to have this process completed at either the vendors'  location or at our location once we receive the consignment.
  • Then the same steps as Option 1 (see above) would follow.
  • Fees here will include any additional services you request and that we provide.

Option III - Consolidation & Shipping:

  • You - our customer will deal with your vendors directly – pay them and ask them to send the goods to our warehouse.

  • We will re-pack if required and palletize the cargo once we have received all consignments from all the vendors as per that order.

  • We will generate the shipping documents and ship as per your instruction.

  • Our fees will be inclusive of – receiving and unloading the cargo + storage + palletizing + documentation + inland transportation to the port.